Inkfriend is MIGRATING! (to inkedfriend)

Hi again to all my lovely and dedicated followers. I have news for you — life decision kinda news (for me)!

For a while now I’ve been wanting to separate my “Art” side from my “I need entertainment side” but I didn’t exactly know how. In case you didn’t know, inkfriend is actually a subblog of ChortledPlatform. And if you haven’t seen the latter, it’s all reblogs of funny and entertaining stuff. 

I did my best to research how to migrate blog content without copy pasting and iterating through every post but I don’t think there’s a way. The thing is, I’ve really loved some of the stuff I’ve reblogged on inkfriend which means I can’t just start from scratch either. I will then be filtering though inkfriend and reblogging through original sources onto a new account/blog. :(

So! You guys who still love me and wanna continue showing your love for art you can start following inkedfriend for a start. InkedFriend is a temporary name (but I will update this post once I’ve found a more solid one) will be the main of that account and it will basically become the new inkfriend. A subblog of changethisokay will be my own artwork - emeszee!

Got it? Recap: If you’ve liked inkfriend, then follow it migrate to changethisokay. For a plus, follow emeszee for my own art :)

Message me if you have any comments or questions or even to tell me that you don’t feel like following anymore!

P.S. Will leave inkfriend up for another month but afterwards, say goodbye to this blog! So quickly follow the other one, kayyyy? :D


A bunch of random doodles and drawings ranging from 5 years ago to only last month. I’ve recently moved houses and I scavenged a bunch of my old notebooks from highschool.


(of all things good and pure)! BEFORE I forget to post this, I wanted to make a list of great references/tools I have found on the little magical thing called the internet:

  • For those who need an SAI download for Mac: [x]
  • Some online gesture/figure drawing tools (the first is my personal favorite): [x x x]
  • Wysp: a helpful site that I’m looking into! Sorta like DeviantArt but more focused on progress and practice!: [x]
  • The greatest Pinterest of all time full of BEAUTIFUL references: [x]

I hope you find these helpful! And if anyone has any more ideas of what I could add/search for, message me, and I’ll add it to the list :3